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Guizhou Wanhui International Trade Co. Ltd

Nanming Guizhou China

Guizhou Wanhui International Trade Co. Ltd is located at Nanming in China . They are Food Manufacturers, Food Producers, Food Suppliers, Food Traders etc. of various food products. Their main business region is Chile, Finland, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom UK, USA . The food items they are supplying mainly used as Dehydrated Products, Dehydrated Vegetables, Organic Food Products etc. The main brand of the company is Wanhui . They achieved BAP, BRC certificates. The company established in the year 2019.

Location Address :
Guizhou Wanhui International Trade Co. Ltd
No. 33, 39th Floor, Unit 1, Building 9, Block R1,
Huaguoyuan Project, Huaguoyuan Road,
Nanming District, Guizhou

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We have good products and professional sales technical team. Our products belong to the industry of Guiyang seed and seedling dehydrated vegetable processing factory, and the vegetables and fruits are produced from high-quality farms. If you are interested in our products and services, we look forward to your online message or call for consultation


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