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Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd

Liverpool Merseyside England UK

Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd is located at Liverpool in England, United Kingdom UK . They are Food Distributors, Food Manufacturers, Food Suppliers, Food Traders, Food Wholesalers etc. of various food products. Their main business region is United Kingdom UK . The food items they are supplying mainly used as Fresh seafood, Frozen seafood, Meat products, Rice, Seafood etc. They achieved European Union certificates. The company established in the year 1942.

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Location Address :
Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd
Trident House, 105 Derby Road,
Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

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We provide a wide selection of fresh seafood, frozen items, and shellfish from our extensive range. Our network of suppliers sources products from all around the globe. We distribute to various food industry trades in North West and North Wales.

We are a family firm in our third generation with a strong reputation for quality and trade experience. We supply the wholesale, retail, catering and fish frying sectors from our extensive product range. We are now proud to add retail home delivery to our available services, supplying direct to the public.


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