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Artem Oliva

Konak Izmir Turkey

Artem Oliva is located at Konak in Izmir, Turkey . They are Food Exporters, Food Processing Company, Food Producers, Food Suppliers etc. of various food products. Their main business region is Turkey . The food items they are supplying mainly used as Organic Food Products . The main brands of the company are Artem Oliva, Azeite Turco . They achieved BRC, FSSC, ISO, Kosher, USDA Organic certificates. The company established in the year 1962.

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Location Address :
Artem Oliva
Cumhuriyet Bulvari, Konak Is Hani
No:24/82 Postal code: 35250
Konak/Izmir, TURKEY

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Artem Oliva is a trusted producer and exporter of high-quality olive oil. With a commitment to excellence, we meticulously monitor every step of the production process to deliver exceptional olive oils. From carefully selecting the finest olives to employing traditional and modern techniques, we ensure unparalleled quality in every bottle. Choose Artem Oliva for an authentic and flavorful Mediterranean experience.


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