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Galychyna Lasunka LLC

Ternopil Ukraine

Galychyna Lasunka LLC is located at Ternopil in Ukraine . They are Food Exporters, Food Manufacturers, Food Producers, Food Suppliers etc. of various food products. Their main business region is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine . The food items they are supplying mainly used as Bakery products, Dairy Products, Frozen Food, Wheat Products etc. The main brand of the company is TM Lasunka . They achieved European Union, HACCP, ISO, Kosher certificates. The company established in the year 1996.

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Location Address :
Galychyna Lasunka LLC
10 Polis’ka str,
Ukraine, 46010

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Company Overview and Message

Galychyna Lasunka LLC is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of waffle products and ice cream.
Our factory produces more than 40 million units of waffle products per month.
Moreover, we can to sell complete sets “waffle cone in cone sleeves” to you. Packaging (cone sleeve for ice-cream) is produced by our Ukrainian partner.


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