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Berlin Germany

EXGSP GMBH LLC is located at Berlin in Germany . They are Food Exporters, Food Manufacturers, Food Producers, Food Suppliers etc. of various food products. Their main business regions are Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Venezuela . The food items they are supplying mainly used as Cooking Oils . They achieved European Union, FSSC, IFS, ISO certificates. The company established in the year 2000.

Location Address :
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 16,
10553 Berlin, Germany

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EXGSP GmBH is one of the well-known sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil suppliers in Germany and abroad.
Since the launching, our company desired to expand its production capacity. Nowadays, we have the full production chain to manufacture high-quality plant oil. Our goal was to become the leading sunflower oil producer in Germany. For now, our products are well-recognized and can be bought not only in Germany but also worldwide.
Our top priority is healthy, high-quality, and tasty sunflower oil. It means ecologically clean products without any solvents and other foreign substances. That is why all our plants are modernized and use the proven technologies only, ensuring us to become the top refined sunflower oil manufacturer.
Being the best sunflower oil factory in Germany, we strive to combine quality and reasonable prices for our partners.


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